Message from the President
“Agri Foods FUKUI” was established to deliver the safe and healthy agricultural products we produce to consumers. Most producers entrust the sale of their produce to wholesalers and have no idea how their products will be sold. For example, we do not know if our rice, produced with reduced pesticides, is mixed with rice produced with more pesticides before it is sold. That is why we created the “Agri Foods Fukui” system to deliver safe and healthy rice produced responsibly by “Agricultural Producers’ Cooperative Corporation Ohkawa Aguri” to consumers. We wanted to handle the entire process of delivering it ourselves because we wanted to confidently say that our rice is safe and delicious enough to eat without worry. We believe that knowing the face of the producer reassures consumers as well.

We also hope to create a society where young people can have dreams and hopes in farming through our company’s agricultural activities. Farming is labor-intensive and time-consuming, but if one works hard at it, one will reap the fruits of their labor. Aguri Foods FUKUI is working to create and improve agricultural systems to spread the fascination and fun of agriculture.

Soil has its unique, natural powers. By cultivating the soil in a way that allows it to exert its powers, we can harvest various delicious crops. Soil preparation is a laborious process; there are no visible changes in the soil. However, if we continue to prepare the soil, it will improve, and we will be able to grow rice plants resistant to disease, pests, and weather elements. The same is true for our company. By steadily cultivating the company’s environment so that our workers can demonstrate their natural talents, we will see an increase in the number of people enthusiastic about their work, and we will reap the fruits of their labor. We will continue to earnestly engage in agriculture so that it will become an attractive industry and bear great fruits.
Katsutoshi Ohkawa, President
Management Philosophy
Management Philosophy
Management Philosophy
Delivering the safe and healthy agricultural products that we produced directly to consumers. (Aguri Foods FUKUI)
  • Cherishing human connections and relationships.
  • Thorough and clean farming management.
  • Working together with others to improve our company. (Ohkawa Aguri)
Management Policy (Ohkawa Aguri)
Aguri Foods FUKUI aims to become a community leader by incorporating our company, consolidating and expanding the scale of our farming operations, introducing new technology to reduce costs and improve work efficiency, and producing value-added rice that meets consumer needs.
We will also aim to conduct thorough and clean farming operations that earn trust and create a positive agricultural industry that inspires dreams and hopes.
Farming Philosophy (Ohkawa Aguri)
Aguri Foods FUKUI endeavors to comply with all laws and regulations and produce safe and healthy agricultural products.
We will continue to manage, review, and improve all aspects of farming, including review and improvement of farm management, review and improvement of agricultural product management, review and improvement of fertilizer and pesticide management, review and improvement of the management of depreciable assets and other assets, and review and improvement of labor safety management.
The entire company will work together to improve every day.
Company Profile
Company Profile
Company name
Aguri Foods FUKUI
Katsutoshi Ohkawa
Tel. / Fax.
Tel. +81-776-50-7044 / Fax. +81-776-50-7041
July 2016
3,000,000 JPY
Number of employees
5 (including one board member)
Wholesale of agricultural products (rice, buckwheat)
Rice polishing and retail sales (Koshihikari rice, Hanaechizen rice, Tanchomochi rice, Kaguramochi rice)
Inspection of agricultural products (rice, buckwheat, soy beans, barley)
Overview of facilities
12-2 Maruoka-cho Yotsuyanagi, Sakai, Fukui
Land area
Building area
Polishing facility
Rice polishing machine
COMEC NEO CA-100: TAIWA SEIKI (capacity 600 kg/hour, 10 horsepower)
Low-temperature warehouse facility
Warehouse storage capacity: 10,000 bales (600 tons storable, of which rack storage capacity is 300 tons)
Streamlined logistics using an electric mobile racking system.
No-wash rice polishing machine
Musen-mai Mai-Kurin: TAIWA SEIKI
Color sorting machine
Mid-sized color system color sorter LC-20D: Anzai Manufacturing
Office, meeting and training rooms, inspection rooms, etc.185.49m2(2 floors, total 307.98m2)
Polishing facility
Low-temperature warehouse facility
Company History
  • July 2016
    Established as Sales Division of Agricultural Producers'Cooperative Corporation Ohkawa Aguri
  • June 2021
    Rice shipping facility and low-temperature warehouse constructed at 12-2 Maruoka-cho Yotsuyanagi, Sakai, Fukui